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 If you can't take our 9 day course than you can now take the Utah Drivers Education course online.  The cost is $50.  The Utah Drivers Education online course offers students a fast, convenient and easy way to satisfy the drivers education classroom requirement.  Please call Wright Driving at (801.209.2328) before signing up for this online class.  We will also drive you 3 times with a certified road instructor on the road which will meet your driving portion of the course.  We would like to start driving you as soon as you get signed up online.  You will need to meet with Wright Driving to take the mandatory State proctor exam at the end of the course.  The fee to process and administer this exam will be $20.00  payable at the time of the testing.  If you choose to participate in the State required driving instruction from Wright Driving School this fee will be waived.  The cost to do the driving instruction with Wright Driving School is $200.00.  We will take the time to go over with you any concepts you might not understand about defensive driving. 

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If you have taken or are currently taking an online course, you are still required by law to have 3 in car driving instruction as well as 3 in car observation times  We can accommodate these needs by offering the driving time without the classroom instruction. 


This service is offered at a rate of $200.  We give twice as much road time than the High Schools and therefore no range driving is required in a parking lot.  This makes more sense and helps you to become a better defensive and experienced driver.


If you wish to take the 9 day course with us, the fee is $250.  The course is held 9 days in a row except for weekends and holidays.  We teach after school is let out around 3:00 or 3:30 - 5:00 or 5:30.


It is possible to make up any days you miss at one of our other locations.  For example: If you start a class at one school, you can finish it at another school or if you miss the start of a class you can make up the start at another location.  We are very flexible and want to do all we can to help you get your drivers license.


If you would like to discuss the pros and cons, please fell free to contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss it with you. 


Our online course is accredited through the state of Utah.  We can start driving you as soon as you get registered.


We can also recommend to you a certified third party road testers if you would like to use them instead of the D.L.D.  We are not allowed to road test our own students.


We are excited to help you learn to drive.   With the help of your parents working with us, we can teach you to drive safely.  Thanks Mike Wright, owner Wright Driving.